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Interdisciplinary Concentration in Women’s and Gender studies

Program Planner

The interdisciplinary concentration in Women and Gender offers students a unique opportunity to explore the significance of gender in personal life, history and society through a wide range of over 60 courses that span fifteen academic disciplines. The Women and Gender concentration is an excellent choice for students for several reasons. First, because of its interdisciplinary character, it exposes them to a broad range of courses from different departments. Second, the category of gender is fundamental in virtually all fields of knowledge, and thus lends an intellectual center of gravity to the exploration of different disciplines. Finally, it gives students the opportunity to gain insight into themselves and their world as it encourages them to critically examine what often remains invisible: the ways in which gender organizes their lives, and the lives of those around them.

Specifically, the Women and Gender concentration focuses on the social construction of the meanings associated with the sexed body and its implications for the systemic organization of power in society.   In WGS courses, students explore how gender shapes social roles and identities, as well as how gender interacts with other systemic identity categories, particularly sexuality, race, class, and nation.

Faculty Sponsor

J. Gray (Women’s & Gender Studies)



Required Course

  • WGS 200/Women, Culture and Society   (No prerequisites.)

Optional Courses

Five Additional WGS courses

  • At least two in the sector of Arts and Humanities
  • Two courses in the sector of Social Sciences and History

NOTE: Most have no prerequisites.

In addition to courses required by this concentration, a student must complete one approved course in quantitative reasoning and one approved course in laboratory science to satisfy breadth requirements in liberal learning. Students should consult their major or open option advisors about how best to complete other liberal learning requirements.

Please note: The Liberal Learning Program has been renamed The College Core, and some of its components have also been renamed. Learn More