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Interdisciplinary Concentrations

Why should I complete an Interdisciplinary Concentration?

  • You are interested in one of the themes of the concentrations, but you don’t want to major in that area.
  • You want to acquire skills and knowledge that support your major or career.
  • You want to explore a new area.
  • You like to make connections between different subjects.
  • If your major doesn’t leave you enough room for a minor, an Interdisciplinary Concentrations can function as a minor.
  • If your major does leave you room for a minor, an Interdisciplinary Concentrations can function as a second minor.

How do Interdisciplinary Concentrations function?

Interdisciplinary Concentrations consist of a minimum of six courses addressing a common theme, similar in that sense to minor programs. They are different, however, in that courses comprising particular concentrations must include at least two of the three broad sectors of human inquiry—arts and humanities, social science and history, and natural science and quantitative reasoning.

Students must take at least six courses, of which no more than four may be in the same broad sector. When an interdisciplinary concentration does not include two courses from each broad sector, additional courses, as necessary, from the appropriate sectors must be completed. Two additional qualifications apply: Every student must complete at least one course each in quantitative reasoning and natural science with laboratory, and when additional courses are required from the same sector, students must select courses with different prefixes.

Two courses can be counted between an Interdisciplinary Concentration and a Major, and one course can be counted between an Interdisciplinary Concentration and a Minor. Students enrolled in an Interdisciplinary Concentration must still complete the Civic Responsibilities.

How do I sign up for an Interdisciplinary Concentration?

  • Consult with the faculty sponsor of the concentration who will explain its academic focus and requirements and, with the student, determine its compatibility with the student’s major program and other academic goals.
  • Students intending to complete an interdisciplinary concentration must obtain signatures from their major advisor(s) and one of the faculty sponsors of the concentration on the Interdisciplinary Concentration Form. The completed and signed form must be submitted to the Office of Records and Registration.

Approved Interdisciplinary Concentrations

To see detailed descriptions of all currently approved concentrations, click on any of the links below, or to browse all of the concentrations, see the Undergraduate Bulletin.


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