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Approval Process for Interdisciplinary (IDS) Courses


The College Core Council acts as the sole curriculum committee for Interdisciplinary (IDS)courses; these courses do not seek approval from any Departmental or School curriculum committee.

During the academic year, questions about the submission process should be directed to the current Chair of the College Core Council (identified here); during the summer, questions should be directed to Christopher (Kit) Murphy, Associate Provost of Curriculum & College Core at


Submit the following to the chair of the College Core Council (identified here):

Completed Course Approval/Change Form

Course syllabus: Must include the course description, required materials, course requirements, course learning outcomes, general topics covered, and a general breakdown of assignment types and their weighting for final grades.

Course materials: Any materials, such as readings, projects, assignments, and assessments, that illustrate how course objectives are met.


Proposals may be submitted at any time during the year, and courses will be evaluated by the College Core Council.


IDS Course Proposals will be reviewed by the College Core Council, which will decide whether a course is:

Approved: The faculty member, Records and Registration, and the Associate Provost for Curriculum and College Core are notified by the Chair of the College Core Council that the IDS course has been approved. Records & Registration will record the approved IDS course in PAWS.

Approved, with Minor Revisions: The faculty member is notified by the Chair of the College Core Council that the course has been provisionally approved, pending minor revisions. LLC will review the revisions.

Revised & Resubmitted: The faculty member is notified by the Chair of the College Core Council that the Course Proposal must be revised and resubmitted. In accordance with TCNJ’s Course Approval Policy, IDS Course Proposals that receive a “revise & resubmit” decision will be given “written feedback specifically identifying deficiencies” that must be revised and/or remedied prior to resubmission.

Declined: The faculty member is notified by the Chair of the College Core Council that the Council has declined the IDS Course Proposal. In accordance with TCNJ’s Course Approval Policy, College Core Course Designation Proposals that aredeclined will be given “written feedback specifically identifying deficiencies.” The faculty member and dept. chair may appeal the decision of the College Core Council.

IDS Course Proposals that have been declined by the College Core Council may be appealed; a Proposal that has received a “revise & resubmit” decision may not be appealed unless and until it is declined. If the College Core Council determines that the IDS Course Proposal remains insufficient after it has been revised and resubmitted, the Proposal must be declined.


Faculty may appeal IDS Course Proposals that have been declined by the College Core Council by notifying the Chair of the College Core Council and the Associate Provost of Curriculum and College Core, in writing, of their intention to appeal no later than two weeks after receiving the decision of the College Core Council.

Review of appeals will be conducted by the members of the College Core Council.

Faculty who appeal an IDS Course Proposal that has been declined must respond to the written feedback from the College Core Council. They may also submit additional materials, request the opportunity to appear in person before the College Core Council, and/or offer additional amplification and explanation regarding the Rationale, course syllabus, and/or assignments.

Please note: The Liberal Learning Program has been renamed The College Core, and some of its components have also been renamed. Learn More