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Choosing College Core Courses

Making strategic choices of College Core courses is a critical component of maximizing the extensive benefits of your TCNJ education.

Choosing a particular course because it fits your schedule and meets a College Core requirement you need is not really making a choice; these two criteria represent the bare minimum needed to take a College Core course.  Real choice involves thinking about how each course will benefit you and choosing courses that will best help you meet your goals in college and beyond.
When choosing among College Core courses for a particular requirement, consider the following:
  • What specific courses might provide you with skills and knowledge that support your major, career, or graduate/professional school?
  • What are your academic strength and weaknesses, and what College Core courses might build on one of your strengths or turn a weakness into a strength?  
  • Could a course help you explore other potential majors or minors?
  • Do you have interests outside your major that you would like to pursue but not necessarily major in?
  • Could a course provide you with a new perspective or broaden your horizons?  
  • If you plan to study abroad, is there a College Core course that would help you learn about the country to which you will travel?
  • Are there courses that might help you understand your family history or cultural background?

For your next appointment with your academic advisor, bring your list of the College Core courses you are considering and discuss with your advisor your reasons for selecting these courses.



Please note: The Liberal Learning Program has been renamed The College Core, and some of its components have also been renamed. Learn More