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Interdisciplinary Concentration in Gender and Violence

Program Planner

This concentration examines the gendered and systemic nature of violence as it is manifested in diverse ethnic, racial, sexual, national and international contexts. Students will explore through courses in humanities and social sciences the ways in which violence is perpetuated through interpersonal relationships and social institutions. Students will integrate academic learning with applied experience through the completion of an internship in a local setting where violence and its relationships to gender are the focus. This concentration offers a focus for students pursuing studies in Women’s and Gender Studies, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, or Criminology and Justice Studies.

Faculty Sponsors

Sponsors: J. Gray (Women’s & Gender Studies)



Required Courses

  • WGS235 Gender and Violence
  • Internship in issues of gender and violence: (choose 1)
    • WGS 398 Feminism in the Workplace: Field Study in Women’s and Gender  Studies
    • PSY 399 Internship in Psychology
    • SOC 399 Internship in Sociology
    • CRI 399 Internship in Criminology and Justice Studies


Choose two from the following:

              Arts and Humanities

  • AAS343/WGS305/COM343 Looking at Women: representation, Feminisms, and Film
  • PHL135 Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PHL375 Equality in Law and Ethics
  • WGS360/LIT334 Literature by Latinas and Latin American Women
  • WGS320/LIT315 Men and Masculinities: Literary Perspectives
  • WGS341/LIT313 Gay and Lesbian Literature
  • WGS 360/LIT334 Literature by Latinas and Latin American Women
  • WGS376/LIT316 Global Women Writers 

  Choose two from the following
Social Sciences and History

  •  HIS 395/WGS345 History of Western Sexuality
  • HIS 397/WGS340 Gay and Lesbian History
  • HIS 384/Women in 20th Century US
  • HIS 385/WGS301 Women in the US to 1900
  • CRI 256/Women in the Criminal Justice System
  • POL 215/Gender and Politics
  • POL 345/INT300 Human Rights in International Relations
  • PSY 218/Psychology of Power, Oppression and Privilege
  • PSY 353/Psychology of Gender
  • PSY 355/Psychology of Power, Oppression and Privilege
  • SOC 303/Women in World Perspective
  • SOC 315/Racism, Power and Privilege
  • WGS 250/Politics of Sexuality
  • WGS 240/Introduction to Gay and Lesbian Studies
  • WGS 380/HON338 Gender and Democracy
  • WGS 361/HIST365/AAS370 African American Women’s History

No prerequisites unless otherwise designated
In addition to courses required by this concentration, a student must complete one approved course in quantitative reasoning and one approved course in laboratory science to satisfy breadth requirements in liberal learning. Students should consult their major or open option advisors about how best to complete other liberal learning requirements.

Please note: The Liberal Learning Program has been renamed The College Core, and some of its components have also been renamed. Learn More