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Approved Courses in Writing


Writing Instruction Courses

FYW 101/ Writing Studio (prior to Fall 2021, designated WRI 101)
FYW 102/ Academic Writing (prior to Fall 2021, designated WRI 102)


Writing-Intensive Courses

First-Year Courses

FYS/ All Numbers–All Sections (prior to Fall 2021, designated as FSP)


Mid-Level Courses

Below are all of the Mid-Level courses that are currently considered Writing-Intensive.

Please make note of the below departments which are not listed:

  • English Language (LNG) Courses:  all of our LNG courses are Writing Intensive
  • Literature (LIT) Courses:  all of our LIT course are Writing Intensive except for:
    • LIT 170, LIT 199, LIT 305, LIT 325, LIT 326, LIT 335, LIT 342, LIT 367
AAH 221/ The Arts of Medieval Europe
AAH 231/ The Arts of Renaissance
AAV 102/  Visual Thinking
AAV 338/ Theory & Practice in Photography and Video
BIO 221/ Ecology and Field Biology
BME 313/ Biomedical Instrumentation & Measurement Lab
BUS 200/ Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business
COM 172/ Survey of Media Communications
COM 216/ History of Performance
COM 265/ Emerging Communication Technologies
COM 372/ Theories and Effects of Media Communication
COM 415/ International Communication
CRI 202/ Penology
CRI 205/ Criminology
CSC 415/ Software Engineering
CWR 301/ Writing Communities
DHH 303/ Language Development for deaf or Hard of Hearing Students
ENG 214/ Circuit Analysis Laboratory
HIS 238/ Early India
HIS 450/ Readings Seminar in History: Asia – Modern
HIS 451/ Readings Seminar in History: Asia – Early
HIS 452/ Readings Seminar in History: Middle East – Modern
HIS 453/ Readings Seminar in History: Middle East – Early
HIS 454/ Readings Seminar in History: Eurasia – Modern
HIS 455/ Readings Seminar in History: Eurasia – Early
HIS 456/ Readings Seminar in History: Africa – Modern
HIS 457/ Readings Seminar in History: Africa – Early
HIS 458/ Readings Seminar in History: Latin America – Modern
HIS 459/ Readings Seminar in History: Latin America – Early
HIS 460/ Readings Seminar in History: North America – Modern
HIS 461/Readings Seminar in History: Europe – Modern
HIS 462/ Readings Seminar in History: Europe – Early
HIS 463/ Readings Seminar in History: World – Early
HIS 464/ Readings Seminar in History: World – Modern
HIS 498/ Senior Capstone Research Seminar
IMM 270/ Design Perspectives for Interactive Multi-Media
INT 200/ International Studies: Processes, Themes, and Issues
KHS 302/ Assessment & Evaluation of Human Performance
KHS 303/ Assessment and Evaluation in HPE
LIT 102/ Approaches to Literature
MKT 495/ Senior Thesis
MTT 380/ Methods of Teach Mathematics I
MUS 452/ Music From 1945 to the Present
NUR 328/ Research for Health Related Sciences
PBH 350/ Health Education
PBHG 615/ International Communication
PBHG 650/ Health Education
PHL 201/ History of Ancient Philosophy
PHL 205/ History of Modern Philosophy
PHL 246/ Aesthetics
PHL 311/ Philosophy of Science
PHL 370-70/ Advanced Aesthetics
PHL 410/ Theory of Knowledge
PHY 220/ Advanced Geology
PHY 345/ Physics of Clouds and Climate
PHY 361/ Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy
PHY 371/ Topics in Physics
PHY 390/ Methods of Teaching Science
PHY 425/ Plasma Physics
POL 335/ International Organization
POL 380/ International Political Economy
POL 390/ Tutorial in Political Science
PSY 299/ Research Seminar
SLP 320/ Speech and Hearing Science
SLP 410/ Feeding and Swallowing Disorders
SOC 302/ Quantitative Research Methods
SPA 241/ Introduction to Literature in Spanish
SPE 214/ Exploring Classroom Communities
STAT 305/ Regression Analysis
TED 280/ Introduction to Teaching Technology Education
WGS 325/ Feminist Theories


Capstone or Senior Level Courses

AAE 492/ Clinical Practice II Seminar: Art Education Capstone
AAH 499/ Art History Senior Seminar
ACC 498/ Seminar in Accounting Issues
ADA 498/ Digital Arts Theory & Practice
AAV 318/ Theory & Practice in Fine Art
AAV 458/ Professional Practice in Graphic Design
BIO 495/ Independent Research in Biology Capstone
BIO 496/ Honors Independent Research in Biology Capstone
BIO 498/ Biology Seminar
BME 495/496/ Senior Project I/II
BUS 495/ Senior Thesis in Interdisciplinary Business
BUS 498/ Seminar in Interdisciplinary Business Issues
CIV 495/496/ Senior Project I/II
COM 381/ Issues in Film History
COM 385/ Intercultural Communication
COM 390/ Communications Research Methods
COM 394/ Global Health and Risk Communication Campaigns
CRI 499/ Senior Capstone in Policy Analysis
CSC 399/ Internship
CSC 498/ Mentored Research I
CSC 499/ Mentored Research II
ECO 495/ Senior Thesis in Economics
ELC 495/496/ Senior Project I/II
FIN 410/ Portfolio MGMT & Derivative Security
FIN 430/ Business Valuation
FIN 495/ Senior Thesis in Finance
HIS 499/ Senior Capstone in History
INB 498/ Senior Seminar in International Business
INT 498/ Senior Seminar in International Studies
KHS 497/ Research Seminar in Health & Exercise Science
KHS 498/ Research Seminar
LIT 496/ Honors Project in English
LIT 497/ Honors Project in English
LIT 499/ Senior Seminar in Literary Theory
MAT 498/ Capstone Experience
MEC 495/496/ Senior Project I/II
MGT 451/ Decision Making Seminar
MGT 498/ Senior Seminar in Management
MKT 440/ International Marketing Management
MKT 450/ Marketing Management
MUS 455/ Issues in Music Performance Studies
MUS 492/ Student Teaching Seminar
MUS 494/ B.A. in Music Senior Capstone
NUR 440/ Community Health: Science
NUR 460/ Professional Role III/Leadership Capstone
PBH 406/ Public Health Grant Writing for Foundations
PHY 451/ Advanced Experimental Physics
PHY 493/ Independent Research II
POL 498/ Seminar in Political Science
PSY 419/ Senior Seminar: History of Psychology
PSY 470/ Senior Topics Study Group
PSY 487/ Senior Internship in Psychology
PSY 492/ Senior Collaborative Research Course
PSY 493/ Senior Individual Study in Psychology
PSY 494/ Psychology Thesis 2
SED 498/ Collaborative Capstone for Professional Inquiry
SOC 499/ Senior Seminar in Sociology
SPA 497/ Senior Seminar in Spanish
STA 498/ Capstone
TED 460/ Integrated Math/Science/Technology
WGS 498/ Senior Seminar: Methods and Theory
WGS 499/ Women’s Leadership and Social Change
Please note: The Liberal Learning Program has been renamed The College Core, and some of its components have also been renamed. Learn More